Mississippi Bends

Mississippi Bends is Hamilton Based Alt Country/North Americana band fusing two talents of the Canadian Music Scene. Mary Simon is a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter with several solo albums and International Television song placements to her name. Andrew Aldridge is regarded as a favorite guitarists by many Artists (in Canadian and International) – In past years, he’s been the guitarist of choice for the likes of Danny Michel, Sarah Slean, Melissa McClelland (Whitehorse) Albert Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult) and many more. Together they create a fantastic sound all they’re own.

“I had name Mississippi Bends kicking around for while” says Andrew… ” I’ve always liked it, but I didn’t realize until later that it fits what we’re doing musically. It’s not about the State of Mississippi or the Delta Blues Sound or something specifically Southern/Country. It’s about travelling throughout the country along the entire length of the Mississippi River and being witness to a true American, or rather North Americana sound – Everything from Swampy Delta Blues to Alt Country to Mid Western Rock to Folk to Chicago Electric Blues and Experimentation to Classic Rock and Pop Sounds of the North. Willie Neslon to Ryan Adams, Tom Petty to Buddy Miller, Lucinda Williams to Neil Young, Sonic Youth to Dan Lanois. A true North American Experience.”