“Sarah Beatty is a citizen of multiple sound territories as she weaves Blues, Rock, Jazz, Soul, and Country into her Roots music.” — The Alternate Root

Eclectic and captivating, songwriter and scientist Sarah Beatty might be best described as a clandestine drink of conversation between Joni Mitchell, Julie Andrews and Albert Einstein. With a voice as sharp as a silver-spur and dangerous as a diamond-backed sidewinder (Raw Ramp), she’s a curious observer and constant inquirer of life’s offerings. Bandit Queen, her latest release, chronicles women at the leading edge of social norms, graces, and allowances. It peaked at #1 on Canada’s Roots charts, became a staple in Top 30 charts across the country, appeared in the Earshot Top 20, and planted her songs and insights square in the ears and hearts of bloggers and industry insiders. Far beyond the mainstream, it landed on international playlists all the way from Nashville to The Netherlands and as a live performer, she’s known for enchanting audiences with warmth, wit, and messages that make people think.