Spherical Productions is a community based independent booking agency. SP primarily focus’ on booking adventurous tours throughout Canada for musical acts we believe in. We also focus on week-end tours, one-off showcases, special events, and continually work toward getting the SP artists on bigger shows with acts that they dig, festival showcases for the magic of that amazing weekend with other great artists, all the while trying to open up new markets and venues all over Canada. From show to show over the last 15 years, we have been working hard to keep the many venues/promoters/artistic directors as happy as can be with our friendly business relations.


Spherical Productions was concieved by Joey Balducchi, here is some background on how it all came about…

Joey has always been a musician first, since starting to play the guitar @ age 17. He used to be obsessed with shredding on the electric guitar in his basement throughout his teens… at 18 years old, he was exposed to his first Indie Showcase in Hamilton @ the X-Club. On stage were Hayden, Weeping Tile, hHead and GORP, which opened his eyes to music outside of the mainstream. Joey attended the Music Industry Arts Program at Fanshawe College in the fall of 1996, where he was taught the art of recording, producing and the music business by many fantastic professors, including celebrated Producer Jack Richardson.

After completing college, Joey joined Golden Lake Diner (Sonic Unyon). Golden Lake Diner was 3 out of 4 members from the band Gorp (Sonic Unyon). GORP parted ways with singer CA Smith, who then in turn created The One Man Band Singing Sensation MAYOR McCA. Joey was only on one-released song by Golden Lake Diner, and that was for the Sonic Unyon “NOW WE ARE FIVE” CD compilation. Golden Lake Diner played shows with Tristan Psionic, Danko Jones, Sianspheric, The Rheostatics, etc. GLD broke up in the fall of 1998 and following this, Joey created his own band called MELODICY, with some demos being made at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, ON.

The band was great, but everyone had other ideas of what they really wanted to be a part of, so they parted ways. After the demise of 2 line-ups, Joey moved to BC for a short time, and then Calgary for one year to retreat upon a different music scene. He then recorded a solo album on a 4-track in a small room he rented while in Calgary, where he dedicated the whole album to his previous girlfriend.

Before moving back to Ontario, Joey toured the province of BC for 4 months between June-Sept of 2000, playing festivals, and shows all over the province… While touring, he roadied as a one-off favour to a band called Orchid Highway, and that night, he found a dog at the end of this show, and after not finding the owner, the dog jumped in the van and the both of them lived the scooby doo lifestyle, solving life’s mysteries, and performing and entertaining people all over BC. After his last show in Cranbrook, BC, where he played the Annual Street Festival, his van was hit on his way back to Calgary, which put him out of work for 1 year.

He then reformed Melodicy, with former bassist Sean Thomson, (Ex-GORP) in London, ON. Sean & Joey toured the West Coast as a folk/rock/electronica duo for 2 months in the summer of 2001. They created 3 albums together, where they produced only 200 copies of each, these CDs were specifically made as CD’s to sell on the road, and the rest as Christmas presents that they gave away to friends, family and fans in 1998, 2001 and 2002.

During these years, Joey was always available to help musicians who were seeking advice for touring and opportunities to play live shows. Joey was approached by 3 different musical projects about how to get a tour started in the same week, and it got him thinking that he could help musicians everywhere, since he has been booking shows for years with all of the musicians he has ever played with… Spherical Productions was then created to help bands tour and play as many shows as possible, and this all started in the Spring of 2002.

In 2002 under the name Spherical Productions and with two months of effort, Joey booked his first tour for an Ottawa band called ‘Balls Falls’. Joey secured 17 live performances for this tour, and knew that this was just a beginning, and knew he could do better than that. Also that summer, Joey toured with Eddie Warren for 27 days and secured 22 performances for himself and Eddie ~ splitting all tour profits 50/50. Joey has never collected a commission from performances or tours that he simultaneously booked and performed at, either as a solo artist or with his band Blind Mule, he only took his rightful musicians cut of the shows.

As a one-man booking machine, Joey has booked over 150 tours to date, including 1000′s of shows throughout Canada since 2002. In 2008, 2012, 2015 & 2016, Joey won ‘Booking Agent of the Year’ at the Hamilton Music Awards, beating out The Agency Group, Feldman’s, Live Tour Artists and Paquin Entertainment, even though he was the underdog each and every time. Joey is very proud to have that honour from a thriving music city, as well as his hometown. Since then, Joey has been Festival Manager for the Hamilton Music Awards 6 times since 2008, and also founded a 100% all Hamilton Festival called ‘A Celebration of Hamilton’ Festival that had 2 great years in 2009 & 2010.

Since Feb 2002, Spherical Productions has been a community based booking agency run solely by Joey Balducchi. The primary focus is to book adventurous tours throughout Canada for musical acts he believes in, with a major focus on Cross Canada Tours and festivals, to give young, emerging, and established artists the opportunities to take their art on the road, and make a career out of what they do best.

Since May 2002, Spherical productions has also represented the following past acts:

-All I See is Red
-Balls Falls
-Chris St Pierre
-Chris County & the Invalids
-Coco Love Alcorn
-Corwin Fox
-D Trevlon
-Dennis Ellsworth
-Eddie Warren
-Grassy Knoll & the Magic Bullit
-Hoosier Poet (members of Monster Truck, Terra Lightfoot)
-Hunter Eves
-In Silent Code
-Jacob Two Two
-Jenny Omnichord (ex-Barmitzvah Brothers)
-Jeremy Proctor
-Kitchens & Bathrooms
-Mayor McCA
-Mind of a Squid
-Must Stash Hat
-OK Cobra
-Playmaker (aka The Strange)
-Square Root of Margaret
-Spookey Ruben
-Tammy Raybould
-Tangled & Weaved
-The Barmitzvah Brothers
-The Donefors
-The Feminists
-The Patients
-The Riderless
-Thomas & the Evil Computer
-Two Minute Miracles
-Young Rival (formerly known as The Ride Theory)
and many more..

SPHERICAL PRODUCTIONS has also accepted freelance jobs, filling in tour dates for the following acts:

-Alive & Living
-BA Johnston
-Ginger St James
-Hank & Lily
-Immaculate Machine
-Jon Epworth
-Mike Trebilcock (The Killjoys)
-Sarah Metzner
-Geoff Berner
-Sarah Smith
-The Burning Hell
and many others..

As an in-house talent buyer, President of SPHERICAL PRODUCTIONS, Joey Balducchi has booked, promoted, and done sound for the following acts:

-The Arcade Fire
-Bob Snider
-Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck)
-Christine Fellows
-Cuff the Duke
-Danny Michel
-Dayna Manning
-Final Fantasy (aka Owen Pallett)
-Jim Bryson
-Julie Doiron
-Great Lake Swimmers
-Greg MacPherson
-Melissa McLelland (Whitehorse)
-Old Reliable
-Serena Ryder
-The Kingpins
-Trent Severn
and many more…..

SPHERICAL PRODUCTIONS has been an in-house booker for these London venues from 2002-2006

1. Alex P Keaton (now known as the APK)
2. The Courtyard
3. The Gravity Club
4. The Last Drop (now known as the Black Shire)
5. The Round Tower

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