Wax Mannequin, Hachey the MouthPEACE and SP President Joey Balducchi perform at the Artswells Festival

Hey Folks,

There are a lot of festivals in Canada, but one that stands out for the artists on the SP Roster is Artswells, due to the fact that it is in a small town called Wells, BC, where the festival actually takes over the whole entire town, and the community embraces it, which is quite the experience to be a part of.

This festival is so magical, that many performers that regularly play the festival have been so inspired by this magical town, that they have bought houses in Wells, and most of the population in Wells, which is approximately 400, are musicians, artists and actors, which is quite an exciting rarity for a small town.

This year, along with over 100 other acts, SP artists Wax Mannequin, freelance artist Hachey the MouthPEACE, and SP President Joey Balducchi are all performing at this years festival, alongside other great artists, BidiniBand, Tanya Taqaq and Scott Cook, to name a few.

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