Lindy performs at the 125th Icelandic Festival of Manitoba from Aug 1-4, 2014

Hey Folks,

Just north of Winnipeg is a little town called Gimli, MB, and in that town every year they put on a festival called the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba, otherwise known as Islendingadagurinn, and this is the 125 year anniversary that this festival has been going in, which is quite an amazing accomplishment.

This year, Lindy Vopnfjord is performing at the festival, and bringing his full band with him to rock the stage, and represent his Icelandic heritage for the weekend of Aug 1-4, 2014.

If in the area, I highly recommend going to this festival, which includes artists like Elliott Brood, The Bros Landreth and The Meligrove Band, to name a few.

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