4 Spherical artists are performing at Artwells Festival from Aug 3-6, 2012

Hello Folks,

This coming week-end is going to be a magical one at the Artswell’s Festival,
I have had the honor of being a part of this festival on three different
occasions, and each time it changed my perception on life, uplifted myself to
keep following my dreams, and it has helped me grow to become the man I am today.

Let me give you a visual, the Artwells Festival is located in Wells, BC,
a small town in Northern BC, and in the middle of this town is a school,
with a road surrounding the school, and houses surrounding that road, and up
the road are some halls, art galleries, a little church, some local
businesses, and in the summer, a maximum of 400 people live there…

.. my point, the festival takes over the entire town, in a beautiful way,
and there are tons of great musicians from all over Canada playing for
4 days straight, so anyone that has not made it to this festival, do yourself
a favour, if you’re in need of some rejuvenation to your spirits, and
a great, life altering experience, make sure you go to the Artswells Festival
from Aug 3-6, 2012.

Spherical artists that have the fortune to perform at the Artswells
Festival this year are Wax Mannequin, Corwin Fox, Jenny Omnichord and
Sodapop Somers (aka OK Cobra), and they have many other great acts
performing this year that you don’t want to miss..

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