The Donefors

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The DoneFors’ Award Winning Album (independent, 2011) – showcases this incomparable band in shining form. Pretty, naughty things, melancholy traveling, false heroes, small town woes, political cost, and memories lost are themes explored in this sophomore achievement. Produced by The DoneFors’, this album features the prowess of Canadian audio giants Michael Phillip Wojewoda (mixing), João Carvalho (mastering), and Jeremy Darby (recording), and was made possible by financial assistance from FACTOR and the Ontario Arts Council. Award Winning Album‘s Canadian release was celebrated with a performance at The Dakota Tavern in Toronto, on September 22nd, 2011.[toggle title=”Read More”]

Intrinsically multi-phonic yet cohesive, The DoneFors prove to be nomadic in their musical influences. Elements of rock, contemporary pop, progressive folk, jazz, world music and country merge to bolster The DoneFors’ signature sound which they’ve coined Canadiana Vanguard— a musical expression that spans genres, stretches boundaries, and stays rooted in an instrument’s organic sound. The DoneFors make a valiant attempt to defy what is hip in order to make music for musicians, music for pets, and music for music lovers to discover and appreciate when The DoneFors have died; literally.

The DoneFors formed in 2006 and comprise acclaimed singer-songwriter Janine Stoll (Ladybird Sideshow), electric guitar player/songwriter Paul MacDougall and electric bass player/songwriter Liam Smith (both of Juno nominated Mr. Something Something), and drummer Brian Lahaie. The band released their debut album — How to have sex with Canadians— in 2009 to critical praise. Produced by The DoneFors, and mastered by João Carvalho, the album is a landmark of a project displaying timeless virtuosity.

Notable past performances include Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival ’11, Edge of the World Music Festival ’11 (headliner), Germany and Netherlands Tour ’11, ArtsWells Festival ’11, Come Together Festival ’10, Northern Lights Festival ’09, Cabbagetown Street Festival ’09, Open Door Music Festival ’07, OCFF Official Showcase ’06, Junction Arts Festival ‘06, Plan B Harvest Festival ’06, and successful residencies at Toronto venues The Cameron House, C’est What and Not My Dog.




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