Born and raised in London England she moved to Canada in 1991 where she was signed to BMG with her band Mrs. Torrance. She then went on to an accomplished solo career and has released seven albums under her own name. She has been included in projects with Arts and Crafts, King Cobb Steelie, Do Make Say Think, Rheostatics and has toured in Europe and across North America many times playing Folk Festivals in Canada,France, Germany and Spain.

Tamara Williamson has been an artists artist for more than thirty five years. She has been described as an atmosphere builder, storyteller and provocateur. She takes the audience on a journey that keeps them hanging on each word or note. Her style was built at the forefront of Grunge in the nineties and she became dubbed The Godmother Of Indie on Queen Street. Her music drifts between alternative pop, raw striking punk to simple quiet poetic wanderings. Tamara is forceful and still pushes boundaries, getting the attention of Rap Artist Tremayne and being featured on CBC’s “q” in June 2021. Always pushing her horizon’s In 2019 Tamara received The Adam’s Award for her book/musical The Break-Up Diet. A ninety minute alternative musical production that received 5 star reviews at Toronto Fringe. Tamara also has a successful podcast, is a painter, musical producer and is writing her next book The Mirror Horse.