Spherical Productions at Folk Music Ontario this weekend!!!

Hello Folks,

Whenever it comes to music conferences, which has the potential of helping musical acts with opportunities throughout Canada and beyond, I always try to showcase the artists on the Spherical Productions roster, as much as I can. This year at Folk Music Ontario (formerly The OCFF), I secured 2 Private showcases, but this was before I knew who was available, and it turned out the majority of the SP acts were not available, with the exception of Kirby and Spookey Ruben, so instead of canceling the showcases, I came up with an idea.

As a big supporter of Hamilton artists, as well as festival manager at the Hamilton Music Awards, I got to thinking that I rarely see any Hamilton artists at this specific conference, so I decided to rearrange my focus and showcase artists from Hamilton (with a couple exceptions), and so I reached out to a bunch of great artists from Hamilton, and within a couple days, I am proud to say that there are now many great Hamilton artists going to be showcasing at Folk Music Ontario for your pleasure and mine.

If you are going to Folk Music Ontario this weekend, I highly recommend coming to the Spherical Productions showcase in Room 313 on Fri, Oct 18 and Sat, Oct 19, 2013 between 11:00pm and 3:00am, to check out these great artists, and I am not talking as an agent, since I do not represent the majority of these artists, I am recommending these artists as a fan.

Joey Balducchi, President

“Spherical Productions Showcase” at Folk Music Ontario in Room 313

Fri, Oct 18, 2013
11:00pm-11:20pm – Ash & Bloom
11:20pm-11:40pm – Miss Emily Brown
11:40pm-12:00am – Kirby
12:00am-12:20am – Terra Lightfoot
12:20am-12:40am – Spookey Ruben
12:40am-01:00am – Ghosts of Memphis
01:00am-01:20am – Pat Maloney
01:20am-01:40am – Andy Griffiths
01:40am-02:00am – The Human Race
02:00am-02:20am – Jon Laurie-Beaumont
02:20am-02:40am – Spookey Ruben
02:40am-03:00am – Kirby

Sat, Oct 19, 2013
11:00pm-11:20pm – Pat Maloney
11:20pm-11:40pm – Ghosts of Memphis
11:40pm-12:00am – Miss Emily Brown
12:00am-12:20am – Ginger St James
12:20am-12:40am – Kirby
12:40am-01:00am – Terra Lightfoot
01:00am-01:20am – Spookey Ruben
01:20am-01:40am – Ash & Bloom
01:40am-02:00am – Sarah Beatty
02:00am-02:20am – The Human Race
02:20am-02:40am – Andy Griffiths
02:40am-03:00am – Kirby & Spookey Ruben