SP President Joey Balducchi is Festival Manager of the Hamilton Music Awards 2015

Hey Folks,

SP President Joey Balducchi has been commissioned to be the 2015 Festival Manager of the Hamilton Music Awards, and what this seasonal position comprises of is booking the majority of HMA showcases with many talented HMA nominees performing around the city together, as well as adding some great local non-nominated acts to round out each bill, and these showcases are placed into some of Hamilton’s best live music venues, and it is all happening this weekend!

NOTE: If you want to run around and check out many different acts in different venues, you can buy festival passes that will get you into all shows (with the exception of main stage performances at Dofasco Centre for the Arts (aka Theatre Aquarius).

Here are all of the HMA showcases happening around Hamilton from May 21-23, 2015…

Thursday May 21, 2015

2015 ArcelorMittal Dofasco HMA Rising Star Search – Dofasco Centre for the Arts
1:30pm – 2:45pm
Special Guest Performance by 2015 HMA Nominee Hachey the MouthPEACE

Good Anya – Dundas Valley Secondary School/McMaster University, Dundas/Hamilton
Katie Harbour – Bishop Tonnos Catholic Secondary School, Ancaster
Avery Raquel – Russell Reid Public School, Brantford
Matthew Kristan – Brock University, St Catharines/Hamilton
Camille Intson – Westdale Secondary School, Hamilton
Jessie Bower – Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School, Hamilton
Abby Rose – St. Paul Catholic Elementary School, Stoney Creek
Ethan Jones – Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School, Stoney Creek

Main Stage Performance – Dofasco Centre for the Arts
8:00pm-9:30pm Diana Panton
7:00pm-7:45pm Harrison Kennedy
6:30pm doors / Tickets $32.50, $25.50, $19.50

Gasworks Fundraiser – Gasworks
10:00pm-11:00pm Michelle Titian & Friends
9:15pm-9:50pm Jamie Oakes
8:30pm-9:05pm Lisa Winn
7:30pm doors / $20 or first 20 HMA wristband holders

Friday May 22, 2015

Main Stage Performance – Dofasco Centre for the Arts
8:30pm-10:00pm Lee Harvey Osmond
7:30pm-8:15pm Laura Cole Band
7:00pm doors / Tickets $32.50, $25.50, $19.50

Blues Showcase – Bay City Music Hall
12:00am-1:00am Jack de Keyzer
11:00pm-11:45pm Rita Chiarelli
10:00pm-10:45pm Joel Johnson
9:00pm-9:45pm Shawn O’Halloran
8:00pm doors / $15 or HMA wristband

Alt-Country/Adult Alternative Showcase – Mills Hardware
10:00am-10:45pm Lori Yates
9:00pm-9:45pm Rae Billing & the Unpayables
8:00pm-8:45pm Mississippi Bends
7:00pm-7:45pm The Donefors
6:00pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

Pop/Rock/Punk Showcase – Spice Factory
12:00am-12:45am Simply Saucer
11:00pm-11:45pm Bob Bryden
10:00pm-10:45pm The Responsibles
9:00pm-9:45pm Among Millions
8:00pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

Y108 PRESENTS Pop/Rock Showcase – The Corktown
12:30am-1:15am Radio Free Universe
11:30pm-12:15am Sons of Revelry
10:30pm-11:15pm Perennials
9:30pm-10:15pm Thee Empty Hours
8:30pm – 9:15pm Jordan Haller
8:00pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

Roots Showcase – This Ain’t Hollywood
12:00am-12:45am TG & The Swampbusters
11:00pm-11:45pm The Folk Sinners
10:00pm-10:45pm Shawn Brush
9:00pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

All-Girl Showcase – Gasworks
11:05pm-11:45pm Katie Bulley
10:05pm-10:50pm Missy Bauman
9:15pm-9:50pm Jessica Mitchell
8:30pm-9:00pm Bianca Bernardi
7:45pm-8:15pm Brenda Brown
7:00pm-7:30pm Karen Thornton
6:30pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

Mixed Genre Showcase – Sarcoa
1:00am-1:45am Haolin Munk
12:00am-12:45am Bud Roach
11:00pm-11:45pm Sam Klass
10:00pm-10:45pm Billy J White
9:30pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

Metal Showcase – Doors Pub
1:00am-1:45am Bushido
12:00am-12:45am Dred
11:00pm-11:45pm Jamsquid
10:00pm-10:45pm Prismind
8:00pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

Celtic Showcase – Officers Mess, John C.Foote Armouries
11:00pm-12:00am Scantily Plaid
10:30pm-10:45pm Corporal Heikkila (piper)
9:30pm-10:15pm Steel City Rovers
9:00pm-9:15pm Corporal Heikkila (piper)
8:00pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

Pop/Punk Showcase – Club Absinthe
12:00am-1:00am Silverstein (CD Release)
11:00pm-11:45pm Rarity
10:00pm-10:45pm Bring Me The Author
9:00pm-9:45pm Snoqualmie
8:00pm doors / $17 or first 25 HMA wristband holders

Folk Fusion Showcase – Homegrown Hamilton
12:00am-1:00am The Human Race (full band)
11:00pm-11:45pm Dirty Grace (CD Release)
10:00pm-10:45pm Red Haven
9:00pm-9:45pm The Monsters Under the Bed
9:00pm doors / $6 or Pay What You Can or HMA wristband

Punk/Psychedelic/Garage Showcase – Baltimore House
12:00am-1:00am Surinam
11:00pm-11:45pm Alpha Strategy
10:00pm-10:45pm The White Crowleys
9:00pm-9:45pm Your 33 Black Angels
8:00pm doors / $6 cover or HMA wristband

Saturday May 23, 2015

Adult Alternative Showcase – Dofasco Centre for the Arts
9:15pm-10:45pm Jesse Cook
8:30pm-9:00pm Justin Dunlop
8:00pm doors / Tickets $49.50, $59.50, $69.50

Folk/Alternative Showcase – Mills Hardware
10:00am-10:45pm Jacob Moon
9:00pm-9:45pm Alfie Smith & Nicole Christian
8:00pm-8:45pm Ash & Bloom
7:00pm-7:45pm Scott Orr
6:00pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

Roots/Alt-Country/Pop Showcase – Spice Factory
12:00am-12:45am Mimi Shaw
11:00pm-11:45pm Mark McNeil
10:00pm-10:45pm Peter Tigchelaar
9:00pm-9:45pm Allotrope
8:00pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

Punk/Rock Showcase – This Ain’t Hollywood
12:00am-12:45am Tongue Fu (7′ Release)
11:00pm-11:45pm Live How You Live
10:00pm-10:45pm Dirty Jeans
9:00pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

Pop/Rock/Blues Showcase – Sarcoa
12:00am-12:45am Jace Martin
11:00pm-11:45pm Tomi Swick
10:00pm-10:45pm Of Gentlemen & Cowards
9:30pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

Hip Hop/Electronic Showcase – Club Absinthe
10:30am-11:00pm ttwwrrss
10:00pm-10:20pm Canadian Winter
9:30pm-9:50pm Hachey the MouthPEACE
9:00pm-9:20pm Cha Cha AKA Jim James
8:30pm – 8:50pm POE
8:00pm-8:20pm Mainevent Iconz
7:30pm–7:50pm B-Flix
7:00pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

Indie Rock Showcase – Baltimore House
12:30am-1:15am Thought Beneath Film
11:30pm-12:15am Pet Sun
10:30pm-11:15pm Hello Harvard
9:30pm-10:15pm Flamingo Bay
9:00pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

Dance/Pop/Folk Showcase – Homegrown Hamilton
12:30am-1:15am Bryan Sorenson Groove Trio
11:30pm-12:15am Kojo ‘Easy’ Damptey
10:30pm-11:15pm Strada Armonia
9:30pm-10:15pm Leonard, Burns & Dell
9:00pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

Groove Showcase – The Corktown
11:30pm-1:30am After Funk
10:30pm-11:15pm Glostik Willy
10:00pm doors / $10 or first 20 HMA wristbands

Metal Showcase – Doors Pub
11:00pm-11:30pm Face Your Maker
10:15pm-10:45pm Great Lakes
9:45pm-10:05pm Lungless
9:00pm-9:30pm Shattered Remains
8:15pm-8:45pm Arbitrary Intent
7:30pm – 8:00pm This is Identity
7:00pm doors / $10 or HMA wristband

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