SP President Joey Balducchi is doing a touring workshop and performing a rare solo performance at the Artswells Festival

Hello Folks,

Before Joey Balducchi started Spherical Productions in 2002, he was a solo artist, playing many shows and touring Canada, trying to make a name for himself  to help build his career. Gradually, after many years on the road, Joey put his solo career away to focus on the careers of other great artists, but never gave up on playing music or travelling. These were his two passions for years, which segued into wanting to help out other great musicians experience and tour our beautiful country as well, along with helping to build their careers.

After his last band Blind Mule called it a day in May 2014 to start other projects, where Joey played guitar, he was approached to do a touring workshop at the last festival Joey ever played as a solo artist in 2006, which was the Artswells Festival in Wells, BC, and to sweeten the deal, he was also offered to perform a 45 minute set of his original music. At the time, Joey only started to write again, but agreed to the offer, which put a fire under his butt to get a set of music written in 6 weeks, and be stage ready to perform in front of a festival audience.

As of Aug 1-Aug 4, 2014, SP President Joey Balducchi will play his first solo set of music in 7 years, so it is going to be a rare performance for anyone at the Artswell’s Festival, and as well, Joey will be putting on a workshop that revolves around the trials and tribulations of touring Canada. Joey will also be around all weekend to chat with anyone who has questions for him, since he has booked over 120 tours and booked 100’s of shows in Canada since 2002, and loves to share his knowledge with anyone who is interested in learning from him.

Check out this magical festival: www.artswells.com

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