Lindy Vopnfjord releases "Frozen in Time"

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The long awaited new album by Lindy Vopnfjord entitled “Frozen in Time” is finally here, and us here at Spherical Productions cannot get enough of its magical embracing sounds and stories that keep you captivated the whole way through, and then when the album is done, we play it again from the beginning.

If you want to buy the album, and hear the magic for yourself, you can buy it below..
Buy “Frozen in Time” here

On Halloween, Lindy Vopnfjörd premiered a video for the song “Melting” today via Exclaim – share via YouTube. The video is a collaboration between Lunenburg, NS stop motion animator Mike Gatti and Cambridge, ON award winning horror comedy short writer and director Darren Hutchings. Gatti’s brilliant, original and painstaking work, ‘Mortimer’s Monster’, was edited for “Melting” by Hutchings, who also filmed Vopnfjörd’s performance – perfect for Halloween. “Melting” is featured on Vopnfjörd’s sixth full-length album,Frozen In Time, which arrived this past Friday – purchase here.

For Frozen In Time, Vopnfjörd has once again joined forces with producer Todor Kobakov (Lights/Metric/Dan Mangan), this time recording the bulk of the album live off the floor. Additional instrumentation and vocals were added from a global cast of musicians. Vopnfjörd’s quiet confidence permeates the album, inviting the listener into his world of wisdom and attention to social consciousness, human rights, and political oppression, with tenderness.The collection of 13 songs explores an immense landscape from the common and dulcet-light, to dark, epic tales. Consistent with the magic of his live performances, Vopnfjörd plucks his acoustic guitar sensitively to songs about courageous stories of champions for human freedom, Vikings, and his love for his wife.

Vopnfjörd is a gifted storyteller who distills human experience into the vital emotions that define a moment so crisply and memorably, that the effect is stunning in its resonance. “Human” and “Far Behind” were inspired by North Korean defector and human rights advocate Yeonmi Park – her journey to escape North Korea with her mother to reunite with hersister in the South. Another song is inspired by the prison diary of Professor James Tooley, who in Hyderabad, India was wrongfully imprisoned while researching education in slums and shantytowns and advocating for poor families trying to start their own schools. “Melting” was written at the Reykjavik Folk Festival, inspired by the local Icelandic artists and the awesomeness of the Icelandic landscape. Hope, despair, triumph, and loss are feelings framed by Vopnfjörd on his sixth album.

Tour Dates:
11/05 – Orillia, ON @ Brownstone Café (Gordon Lightfoot Fest)
11/11 – Thornbury, ON @ Bruce Wine Bar
11/18 – Hamilton, ON @ Mills Hardware
w/ Wax Mannequin + Tall People
11/19 – St. Catharine’s, ON @ Mahtay Café
w/ Wax Mannequin + Rod Standish
11/25 – Windsor, ON @ Phog Lounge
w/ Wax Mannequin
11/26 – Waterloo, ON @ Jane Bond
w/ Wax Mannequin
12/03 – London, ON @ London Music Club
w/ Wax Mannequin + Cat Clyde
12/17 – Peterborough, ON @ The Spill
w/ Wax Mannequin + Andrew McLean
01/21 – Owen Sound, ON @ The Heartwood
w/ Wax Mannequin
02/18 – Russell, ON @ Few Acres House Concert
02/24 – Sarnia, ON @ Paddy Flaherty’s
w/ Wax Mannequin
02/25 – St Catharines, ON @ Mahtay Cafe
w/ Wax Mannequin
03/13 – – Ottawa, ON @ “Intimate and Acoustic Series” @ Observatory (Algonquin College)
w/ Wax Mannequin + Malak
04/01 – Fingal, ON @ House Concert
w/ Jory Nash
05/06 – Vankleek Hill, ON @ House Concert

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