Lindy performs at the Eaglewood Folk Festival today!!

Hello Folks,

The momentum Lindy has been building in the last couple years have not been unnoticed, after being accepted to perform at many great festivals throughout Canada and beyond, Lindy is performing at the Eaglewood Folk Festival today, with other great artists including Coco Love Alcorn, Harlan Pepper and Oh Susanna, to name a few.

If you do not have tickets, you are out of luck, cause this festival is SOLD OUT, but keep an eye out for any act on this line-up, cause they are all on top of their game, and ready to perform for you at a venue near you, but don’t wait too late, cause those shows may be sold out before too long as well, so plan ahead and buy your tickets in advance.

Here is the line-up for this year festival: Eaglewood Line-up 2014

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