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Hamilton’s fastest growing free festival called Supercrawl starts this weekend, and has turned into a 4-day event (Sept 11-14), estimated to bring in over 100,000 people, with an amazing line-up of musical acts, including 2 SP acts, one, being one of Canada’s most prolific folk artists, Lindy Vopnfjord, and two, one of Canada’s top beat boxers turned hip hop artist, Hachey the MouthPEACE.

LINDY is opening the TD/ARKELLS Stage at 6:00pm on Fri, Sept 12, which is TONIGHT, and HACHEY THE MOUTHPEACE is performing at 1:15pm on the HAMILTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION / EXCLAIM! Stage on Sat, Sept 13.

If you have not been to Supercrawl before, it takes place on James Street North (in Hamilton), which has been known in recent years as one of the world’s most renowned, growing art districts, and the majority of this street, where the festival takes place, is closed down to vehicles, bringing together a festival of performers, artists, vendors, key speakers, buskers, and many other types of entertainment, providing an amazing experience for all ages, and again, it is all FREE!

This Festival has grown exponentially since it’s incarnation in 2009, and I would highly recommend to everyone to be a part of this amazing festival, since there is something for everyone, lots of eye and ear candy, and never a dull moment of fun and excitement.

Check out more about Supercrawl here

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