Lindy Vopnfjord

Lindy Vopnfjörd is a Canadian-Icelandic musician with the rare ability to capture poetically in lyric and sound such profound nuance in modern stories. Humble and heroic human dramas seldom sang so spectacularly as this. Vopnfjörd is a proficient storyteller who distills human experience into the vital emotions that define a moment so crisply, and memorably. Hope, despair, triumph and loss, are feelings framed by Vopnfjörd’s sixth album, Frozen In Time, cast as a melodious folk soundtrack with a retro feel. The effect is stunning. The collection of 13 songs explores an immense landscape from the common and dulcet-light, to epic and dark tales. Consistent with the magic of his live performances, the new album was recorded live in studio, and emanates an organic resonance, void of technical manipulation. Stripped down and folky, Vopnfjörd plucks his acoustic guitar sensitively to songs about courageous stories of freedom champions, Vikings, and the love for his wife. There are also tracks of quiet betrayal haunted by the eery guitars of Canadian musician, Luke Doucet. Residing now in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood, Vopnfjörd and his ongoing artistry are a testament to both the continued support of an artistic family, and reflect the musical pedigree of the artistic community in which he is immersed. Frozen In Time is produced by award-winning composer Todor Kobakov, who has worked with many prominent acts such as Lights, Metric, Stars, and Dan Mangan. Frozen In Time, like its title, will throw you back to an era where folk artists like Bob Dylan sang songs as calls to action against social injustice and when Leonard Cohen wrote you with a challenge to contemplate your attractions. Vopnfjörd’s quiet confidence permeates the album, inviting the listener in to his world of wisdom and attention to social consciousness, human rights, political oppression – and tenderness.


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