[pullquote_left] “folk-pop passion interwoven with hook filled melody” – Radiospin [/pullquote_left]

The hand trembled over the mouse. As his index fingered dropped, 500 employees in his downtown Toronto office instantly received the Jerry Maguire-esque farewell email and staring in the eyes of fate, Hamilton-based singer-songwriter (John) KIRBY knew the safety and security of his 9 to 5 life had changed forever. [toggle title=”Read More”]

It was 2008s release, The Good Fight EP, a soul searching delve into KIRBYs head and a collection of songs that would satisfy fans of Nick Drake, John Mayer or Dallas Green that led the way.

“It’s terrifying to step out into what you want. And I had enough people telling me at work, at gigs, just how hard it was to make it, but I didn’t care. This is all I’ve ever wanted to do.”

Years writing and recording rough demos in his bedroom at 16, 6 years fronting Burlington Ontario prog-rock band First Time Fallen and a deep stemming desire to hit the road all came together at that moment.

Only 3 short months later KIRBY would embark on his first of 5 solo Canadian tours, beginning a phase that would see him release 2 records, shoot his debut video and realize being what he always wanted, was possible.

Over the next two years KIRBY was playing various festivals, including; The Burlington Sound Of Music Festival, ArtsWells Festival and C&C Music Festival, helping his music reach the ears of new fans across the country. And while sharing the stage with some of Canada’s finest bands and musicians such as The Watchmen, Wax Mannequin, Lindy of Major Maker, and many others, he grew into the role he was meant to play.

In 2010, KIRBY will again make a change. His new band, Leominster, a seemingly natural extension in sound and style to his current solo work will eclipse his past efforts and KIRBY will again rejoin the ranks of playing in a band.

“If you risk nothing, you gain nothing. Being safe is just that, safe and I was never happy with my life until two years ago when I really started taking the risk to make this real. The support I’ve gotten from friends, family and my fans is so real I can’t believe it took me so long to get over the fear of it. I don’t think I could ever stop doing this.”