Gypsy Ghosts

[pullquote_left] Someone once asked me, “How would you describe the music of Gypsy Ghosts?” My answer caught them off guard., “You don’t, you just enjoy it.” – Jim McCormick of Allstage[/pullquote_left]

Like grease on a fire… Gypsy Ghosts stumbled upon a very unique sound. This combination of players and diverse musical influences created an honest and intriguing style of gypsy rock that captures the attention of audiences wherever they go.[toggle title=”Read More”]

As the name implies, their style is nomadic and even a bit spooky. The 6-piece ensemble takes pride in dabbling in a variety of genres — blues, rock, jazz, and world music— but describes their sound as swampy gypsy rock; full of catchy guitar riffs, captivating lyrics, and haunting motifs that have inspired three bodies of work:

Gypsy Ghosts EP
Bird Language EP
Mad Men Only LP

In one epic year of writing and rehearsing, the Gypsy Ghosts accomplished a lot. After releasing their first EP in the fall of 2012, they won $4000 from 98.1 Free FM to record their next EP, Bird Language, and were nominated for a London Music Award. Since then, they have gone on to play numerous shows across Ontario and release their debut full-length album, Mad Men Only.