Dennis Ellsworth

[pullquote_left] Dennis Ellsworth is a prolific songwriter from Canada who crafts beautifully poetic lyrics with a sense of tune, melody and arrangement
that is staggeringly sublime – FolkGeek (2014) [/pullquote_left]

Dennis Ellsworth is a prolific songwriter. Lately he’s gotten into rhythm of writing, recording and releasing an album a year. In between records, he travels around the planet singing songs characterized by a kind of dark optimism that’s informed by early influences such as Roy Orbison, Neil Diamond and Kris Kristofferson.

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Ellsworth can’t pinpoint what first prompted him to pursue music, but recalls singing ‘Forever in Blue Jeans’ in front of the mirror while brushing his teeth as a child. Since making the leap from the bathroom to the barroom, Ellsworth has toured Canada extensively, made inroads into the US and built a substantial following in the UK. In all, he’s released six records, all recorded live in a house or studio; two with his side project, Haunted Hearts, as well as Chesterfield Dweller of the Year (2009), the Strange Boat EP (2011), Dusk Dreams (2012), Hazy Sunshine, in 2013 as a solo artist, and his latest up-coming album to be released in September 2015, entitled ‘Romantic as it Gets’.

Dennis Ellsworth has written songs in an impressive variety of styles. The depth of his already strong sense of melody and craftsmanship is evident in each new effort. In 2014 Ellsworth was named one of Canada’s top ten new artists by the judges of the CBC Searchlight Contest. He also performed at the Lincoln Centre in New York City as one of twelve finalists in the International New Song Contest.