[pullquote_left] “Steve’s crafted song writing encompasses everything from artistic stories, lyrical substance, well-executed melodies / arrangements, and most importantly his delivery is pure tangible passion. – Amy King (Grant Avenue Studio Producer) [/pullquote_left]

Steve “Deeps” De Piante is a Alt-Country-Soul songwriter and performer from Hamilton Ontario. Kevin Barber of the long running Barber Shop podcast said the following, “There exists in every classic song, the nuanced assassin of a great songwriter…solid heart strings and sandpaper whisps tell tales without reservation, truths without regret.”

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Deeps laid down the duties of band leader over the last two years to triage the wounds left from a heart twisted both professionally and personally; a subconscious slight step to the side of the stage to see to it a reinvention to full time independent musician could take place in safer confines.

The step to the side wasn’t remotely a vacation though. Providing live sound engineering at local Hamilton clubs like the Corktown and Baltimore House, stage managing the Brott Orchestra, providing administration to the Harvest Picnic and Fringe Festival, performing solo and occasional full band shows, hosting a weekly songwriter’s night and predominantly providing sideman duties on organ, piano, accordion, and bass to members of the Hamilton music scene such as John Kirby, Jonny Kerr and Shari Dunn, Justin Dunlop, the Human Race, Robin Benedict, JP Riemens, Ginger St. James, Will Gillespie, Radio Free Universe and Matty Simpson(of Fred Eaglesmith) has earmarked the path into music as a vocation. The experience gained from this recent full immersion is now ready to be combined with knowledge of 25+ years previous.

Week in and week out over the last years – the smoke billowed from nearby flailing industry, and the poverty barked on his street and from a soot dusted East End Hamilton porch Deeps was at times lonely, but inspired with the music that was going to be created when night fell.

Heart, desire, and experience point toward making a record with the songs that came from the last 3 years of sitting on that porch in anticipation. Getting bruised by some of those nights, was good for the music. You’ll hear it in there.