Zuffalo was formed out of a shared love for favourite bands such as the Beatles, Grateful Dead, James Brown, and the Band. One night in Toronto in 2016, Mikey and Kim recruited Sean to play guitar and create their own blend of music with these heroes in mind; later meeting Eric who joined in 2019. With a mutual interest in improvisation, boosted by the jazz training of all band members and Kim’s music therapy background, the Zuffalo players love to weave notes and beats around each other and paint new musical ideas on the fly. But this is only one side of the coin, with the other being a four-headed songwriting monster that is always searching for the next unique sounding, harmony-enriched and lyrically mind-expanding song. The band members feel incredibly lucky to frequently flock to a unique studio in Baden, Ontario in the countryside outside of Kitchener. It is here, in an old barn that has been converted to a fully functioning professional studio, where the band members are at their most creative. The beautiful sunsets, amazing meteor showers, and the peacefulness of nature surround “The Barn” where the band crafts their music with careful consideration, always keeping humour at the forefront to secure the bond within the band.