The Dill

The Dill aka. Dylan Hudecki (By Divine Right, Junior Blue) is a indie-rock vet out of Hamilton. In 2018 he released his debut album “Greetings From” via Dead Radio Love Records (boutique of Riverfest Elora). It was a vinyl ‘best of’ collection of his 52 song magnus opus simply titled “52”. A giant 52 song, 52 playing card, 113 person collaborative artistic project, 15 years in the making. Now 2020, The Dill has taken 12 of the remaining 40 songs left off of the vinyl, and is releasing it remixed and remastered digitally, as a book-end record titled “Beside” to close the last chapter of the 52 project.

“Beside”, like “Greetings From”, features a variety of guest musicians the Dill has befriended over the years, ranging from the unsung heroes in his hometown of Hamilton, to some of the biggest names in Canadian indie-rock including Jason Tait (Weakerthans/Bahamas), Sam Goldberg (Broken Social Scene), Don Kerr (Rheostatics), Steve McKay (Twin Within), Jeremy Widerman (Monster Truck), Chris Tait (Chalk Circle), Brian Borcherdt (Holy F), and more.

“Beside” covers vast musical terrain, from the cosmic, Air-style soft rock of “Love for Sale” to the brassy, hand-clapped Motown soul of “I Love You” to the Beck like sway of “Walking Into My Dreams.” But for all the playful eclecticism in effect here, the songs on “Greetings From” are united by The Dill’s wry, sobering observations on navigating life’s great disappointments. And as this whole experience has shown him, good things do come to those who wait.

“I’ve got great friends, plain and simple. Says the Dill. “If it wasn’t for them, this project wouldn’t exist. The spirit of collaboration kept me going. I had to finish it for them, if no one else.”