Lindy Vopnfjord

“the greatest folk vocalist
in Canada” – Gordon Lightfoot

Leslie Feist, Ron Sexsmith, Hayden, Tegan & Sara, Serena Ryder, and Luke Doucet are not just aware of Lindy’s music – they are fans. Or you can shoot even higher with the experiment. Jacob Dylan dubbed Lindy, “the best singer songwriter north of Cleveland”, while Gordon Lightfoot once called Lindy “the greatest folk vocalist in Canada.”

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It is easy to dwell on Lindy’s colourful history (growing up in a traveling Icelandic version of the Von Trapps) or his extraordinary height (over six feet, eight inches at last count). Lindy is also widely known simply for his kindness. Many reviewers have referred to him as Canadian music’s gentle giant. But the real reason Lindy is so hard to forget is his unquestionable talent as both a singer and songwriter. It is not an overstatement to call his voice one of the most distinctive, haunting and precious voices that Canada has to offer.

With his seventh album currently in production, Lindy is returning to the folk sound that he grew up with. The record will showcase what Lindy does best – singing, storytelling and connecting with his audience. What is most exciting is the honesty and quiet beauty of his latest batch of songs. The familiar themes of love and loss appear alongside unique stories about Lindy’s Icelandic heritage and his upbringing on icy Lake Winnipeg.

Since 2006, Lindy has been the lead singer and co-songwriter for the indie rock band Major Maker. Major Maker took Canada by force in the summer of 2007 when two of their songs, ‘Rollercoaster’ and “Talk To You”, aired in national television commercials. The “Rollercoaster” single debuted at #57 on the Canadian Billboard Hot 100 Chart and # 2 on iTunes Canada Rock Chart, while the video was added to national video outlets Much Music, MuchMoreMusic and MTV Canada.

Following the success of Rollercoaster, Major Maker released the People Carrier EP in Canada which hit # 2 on the highly influential CBC Radio 3 ‘Top 30 Chart’. Lindy is a musician’s musician. Just ask any of Canada’s most beloved indie darlings.


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